Friday, December 12, 2008

Boring update not really deserving a catchy title

Just wanted to give a little update, in case I don't get around to actually doing a real post this weekend.

I've taken a nice long break from league play. I haven't played since before Thanksgiving and have permission to sit out until February unless there's an emergency. I really appreciate that I have teammates that are willing to support me....or maybe they just want to get rid of me. But when you keep going when you know you shouldn't, it doesn't work for anyone.

I started off the season with a clean slate, and it showed in my game. But I noticed on the weeks I played league, I tended to be less focused in practice. And each week it got a little worse. Maybe, it was just exhaustion from the late nights, or maybe all the league drama was sticking to my brain more than necessary.

In my extra time, I've been following my plan of playing pool in different situations, playing more 9-ball, and sticking to a revamped practice routine to focus on basics. It feels great. And at the moment, I have no desire to return to a league at all, but I'm sure that will change.

Also, who needs league when there's so much great pool that's being streamed live on the web? In the last few weeks, the Great Southern Billiard Tour One-Pocket & 10-ball, Ring Game in Olathe, KS, and now the Reno Open on AZBTV. Its great to be able to watch good pool with out having to travel to the wintry locations that are so good for the sport!


FastMikie said...

But, that IS a catchy title!

Doublebanker said...

You have to switch the game up from time to time. A short, simple, consistent practice is best...with time for variation. Having the weekly tournament or league is a must to remain seriously competitive.

poolminnow said...

Doublebanker, I also think that if you can stay focused, long practice sessions are really great, too. I think I probably discover more when I spend several hours at the table.