Thursday, April 23, 2009

I need a break

I have been working like a dawg, although that really doesn't even begin to capture how much pressure I've been under at my job. There must be a more colorful way to describe it, but creativity was killed in action several days ago. Lets just say, a zombie would have no interest in my brain. Its just too dried out.

I have managed to squeeze in a little pool, and I wish I had time to write about it. Basically, my lowered expectations seem to be helping my league game, so much so, that the temptation to raise expectations is pretty strong. The pool gods are simply evil to be toyng with me that way. (Just kidding, Pool Gods That Be, I really didn't mean that. I LOVE YOU! I am but your humble servant.)

Anyway. I need a break at work. Which I will get eventually. Just not immediately, so I've decided to at least get myself a break cue. I'm tempted to splurge here and get something top of the line, but I realize for my little pool life, it would be a total luxury item. I know that everyone raves about the Predator BK2, and I've tried one, and liked it a lot. But its just so "THE" break cue, that I know its not the one for me. I'm considering getting a Mezz ZZBK. It seems like the Mezz is the up and comer in break cues and that appeals to me. The ZZBK Power Break II is probably more than I want to spend, even on a splurge, unless someone tells me that its really worth the extra money.

But at the end of the day, I love a bargain, so I may just settle for a J & J, save the extra cash for Vegas.

Anyone have any Break Cue recommendations???


Michael ("FastMikie") McCafferty said...

Samm Diep just started using and repping the ICEBREAKER by Tiger. She has an excellent break with it.

adhesive remover said...

I still have to say I like the Mezz ZZBK that I have. It's not the Powerbreak II which is also a jump cue. Only thing I would like is for the cue to be lighter, but you can't have it all..

In the end, a good break can be done with your playing cue as well. It's all in the technique/delivery. :-)

poolminnow said...

Thanks for the recommendations....I've heard good things about the ICEBREAKER, too, but its probably more than I'd spend on a break cue.

I don't like breaking with my playing cue (habit I guess), but I don't mind using a house cue either. But its always nice to have equipment that feels right, even if its technique that really matters. Besides, lets face it this is really more about retail therapy than breaking better.

Samm said...

Stop by the Tiger booth while you're in Vegas and test drive the IceBreaker. I LOOOOOOOVE mine. Let me know if you're interested. I'll see what kind of pricing I can get you.

And yes, it's all about technique/delivery, and timing. Good luck!

Me said...

Let us know what you decided on!