Saturday, September 11, 2010

Get free stuff!

No, not here, Silly! HERE: OMGWTF, the blog.

OMG is giving away a handmade key chain to the winner of her raffle. Just post a comment to the latest post and request one of the remaining numbers, which are (as of this posting):


I don't understand how 34 could still be available. Someone should snap it up now!

What? You don't need a key chain? Sign up anyway. If you win, give it to me :-). I really do need a key chain. I'm eying the Spineless Bastard, Pinky and the Cherries.

The raffle cannot take place until all the numbers are chosen, so hop to it. Pick a number!


poolminnow said...

Okay, 27 is taken. Only two more....30 and 34. Come on peeps!

poolminnow said...

Okay, 30 is gone, too. Cant' believe 34 is the last to go.

omgwtf said...

warm fuzzies & thx! :-)

poolminnow said...

And 34 is now gone....drum roll please...