Monday, October 12, 2009

Now that everyone has lost interest, I can secretly begin blogging again

Well, sort of. From the depths of time, will soon, emerge some new posts. Please stand by.

Its a little pathetic that I didn't even finish blogging about APA Nationals. And I'm torn between doing a quick update or actually taking the time to do a proper narrative. I know that no one out there really cares, but as the real purpose of this blog is to record my own journey, I'd kind of like to take the time to do it right.

But, for the record I will bore you with a brief update on what's happened in the past month, just in case I never get around to writing more:
* I played well in the APA 8-ballTeam Nationals, and my team finished 129th out of 712. Much better than I expected.
* Even though I played A LOT of pool in Vegas, I came back fired up to play more and more....but after the adrenaline wore off in a week, I was ready for a break, but previous commitments meant no rest for the pool-weary.
* US Amateur Preliminary was next. I went two and BBQ, but I was happy with how I played in my first match, especially given that I really didn't feel like playing.
* I opted out of playing in the West Coast Women's Regional 9-ball tour because I really needed a weekend off.
* Traveled 5 and a half hours to Bakersfield, to play in the APA Singles Regional Tournament and was undefeated until the semi-finals in both 8-ball & 9-ball. I now officially hate the Single Modified format (although it did help me get home at a decent hour on Sunday).
* After not qualifying for Singles Nationals, I immediately texted my 8-ball captain and told him I was taking the session off. I planned to do the same for 9-ball, but made the mistake of trying to tell him in person, and I chickened out. I'm only a part-time player for 9-ball, so I still feel like I have a lot more freedom. Woohoo!
* When I started this blog several ago, it was about becoming a better player, but it was also about getting to Vegas. Along the way, my perspective has broadened quite a bit and I have other goals, but something about getting that checked off my list...its oddly freeing. It really feels like I've reached a milestone, and I'm not sure what's next.

On another note, in the past, I have gone out of my way to avoid or even change telling details in my blog so that I could be sure to remain anonymous.
(I know its a little strange to want to be public through a blog, but still expect to remain private, but I have my reasons).

Well after these years of blogging, I've decided the effort to conceal and deflect is more trouble than its worth, and that I'd rather just not worry about it. I won't be posting my name or photo, as I'm not really interested in being a known blogger, but not really bothered if you're curious to know who I am and figure it out. If as a result of this new policy, you realize that you know me and think that you read something about you that offends you slightly, I offer two interpretations: 1) I'm not talking about you, 2) you deserved it. If you're not okay with interpretation #2, my preference is that you choose to believe interpretation #1. After all, its just a blog :-)