Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What was I thinking?

I am about to do something I've never done before...quit a team mid-season. Actually, its not really "mid", as the first match was just yesterday...but I'm such a goody-two-shoes that having said "yes, I'll join" on Sunday and then playing on Monday, makes me feel that I'm fully committed with no way out.

I just got back from Vegas on Saturday, found out my current APA 9-ball team disbanded, and I would need to find a new team to maintain my qualification for Singles Regionals next month. So, I quickly jumped on the first team that came along. When I arrived to the match Monday night, I found out that half the people had left the team (which I guess was why they needed me), and I was greeted with great enthusiasm, as - a) I was now the best player on the team (by 3 skill levels) and they needed me for time outs and to teach the new players how to play in my spare time, and b) I was one of two people on the team who could keep score. I had forgotten to let the captain know that I was thinking of playing the minimum 4 matches. He clearly had a different idea.

This was, of course, on top of:
a) my residual feelings of dissatisfaction with my home league that I was left with after Vegas. I couldn't help feeling that these people were better, because the people they played with were better.
b) the growing realization that I hate APA 9-ball.

And as I fretted after the match thinking "what have I gotten myself into?"...counting the weeks on the schedule, mourning the free Mondays I could have had, the Monday night tournaments I would have played, all because I had paid the entry fee for the 9-ball singles.

Then, as I added all of that up, I realized that my Mondays were so much more valuable than any entry fee I had paid....and if I were to be successful and qualify for Nationals, I would need to play yet another season of APA 9-ball and then travel to Vegas to play an APA 9-ball tournament. None of which I want to do.

So, I came to my senses and realized to not throw good money after bad, and just quit. (Well, the actual quitting has yet to be done, and I'm going to just do it outright. No 4 matches. I want off the team. (Okay, I'll admit I'm writing this in part to make sure I do it)).

Anyway, I feel like this is a big moment....putting MY priorities first. My time is too precious. My pool time either better be fun, or helping me reach my goals. No more treading water. Its time to start swimming ruthlessly.