Thursday, May 17, 2007

Room for improvement

Its been an interesting week or so. Lost a few, won a few, including a nice five or six bar game run on Tuesday night. (And I think it could have gone on longer if I hadn't been ready to leave).

But, in practice, I've been looking for a direction. I've started doing the "Billiards Bootcamp" that Liz Ford recommends in her WPBA bio and that's been a fun change. Drills are broken down into time increments, which I think is really useful. Usually, I will keep working a drill until I get the results I want, but this is sometimes frustrating, and I worry, even counter-productive because somedays you just don't get there.

I've also been practicing the shots I tend to miss, and am missing them a little less frequently. I've been disgusted by my misses on long shots in games. I think this partially a center ball problem (not properly aligning my cue to the dead center), but I also realize that I need to work on my medium speed and high speed stroke. I prefer a softer touch game, and its generally a good idea not to bang the balls around, but in my fundamentals drills, I still tend to start soft and work up the tempo, which means I spend more time on the soft strokes, and kind of short change the more forceful ones. Even sitting here, remembering what if feels like to hit a shot on the harder side, it feels forced. Its not a smooth acceleration to execution.

So, I'm excited....I have a goal!

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