Friday, December 7, 2007

Killer Bunnies and Warm, Fuzzy Sharks

I have yet to contemplate this week's events. I lost one league match and won the other, but neither match was remarkable....but more to come on the unremarkable nature of this week's league matches, and most league matches of late.

But, I just wanted to comment on OMGWTF's post this week about being sharked by friendly opponent (scroll down to December 5 for the encounter with "Rachel Ray"). OMGWTF was being lured into trying a combination shot suggested by her opponent amid friendly banter, but at the last minute, did not give into the "what-the hell-this-is-only-a-league-match" non-chalance. She refused to abandon her killer instinct, and went for the lock-down safety.

This inspires me. And gives me much food for thought. "What-the-hell" shots are fine for people who play once or twice a week. For people who don't have blogs dedicated to pool. Even if I am just a 3, let's face it, I am serious about this game. How often do I go for the silly combo because in that moment I decide I just don't care enough to give it everything to win?

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