Friday, September 26, 2008

A radical concept in tournament preparation: Do nothing

Okay, so I realize this notion is false in two ways. First, I'm sure there's nothing radical about not obsessively preparing for this tournament. In fact, I imagine that the vast majority of players of my level are doing just that: nothing. Based on the high number of no-shows, not only are they not preparing, they're actually busy making other plans.

Second, I'm not actually doing nothing. The idea is this: be confident in where my game is now and focus on getting everything else in my life in order, so that when I'm at the tournament, there's nothing free floating around on my to-do list that may cause underlying anxiety. I initially considered taking a complete breather from pool, but decided that I would fit in some short, focused practice sessions to mostly work on smooth straight in follow shots. Who knows, maybe next week I'll feel like something else.

The truth is, I really have everything I need, for now. I just need to be at a place mentally so it comes out. Namaste.

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Anonymous said...

use the force... ;-)