Sunday, July 5, 2009

Good stuff

I'm not in the mood to talk much about myself right now. I'm playing pretty well, and my inclination is to just let it be and not over analyze it...or even relive it here in my blog. I'm just going to enjoy it one moment at a time...and *maybe* you'll hear about it later.

Instead, I thought I'd point out a couple of great posts from AZBilliards that I recently came across. I love AZB, but mostly for its entertainment/social value. It can be light on serious pool content, but Jude Rosenstock's posts are usually full of real pool stuff. These two posts, on great shots to know for B & C players, I thought were especially good:

Want to Get Better? This is How. Pt 1
Want to Get Better? This is How. Pt 2

What's great about these shots, is not only are they ones you will use, but as Jude describes, they are one's that teach you a lot about english, speed control and other fundamental concepts. Simply, they are shots that can change your game.

At one time, I had hoped that I would catalog these kind of shots in my blog. Last year when someone showed me the second shot from Part 1, I thought it was a little too challenging for me. But once I got it, I felt like my understanding of the game went from two to three dimensions. I saw so many more options for getting from here to there, the layouts never looked quite the same again. Learning that one shot was a "life" changing moment.

If I discover anymore of these shots, I'll try to include them here. But for now, Jude has done a good start on creating a great list of shots that can change your life. Thanks, Jude. Still waiting parts 3-5.

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Anonymous said...

hi pool minnow,

been reading ur blog sporadically. interesting stuff.

got one for ya.

shoot this shot w/ pure right english (no top english), soft speed. see what happens. of course, you might have seen this before. if so, ignore it.