Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nobody puts Baby in the corner

I think I may have lost my mind in Reno this weekend at the US Bar Table Championships. Watching all those great strokes was inspiring, but it got me to thinking: its virtually impossible for me to get in the practice time I need to really improve in the way I would like.

I have a full-time job. Actually, its more than a full-time job. I have no car, and either pool hall in the city is 2 buses away, so I have to plan for about 2.5 hours to get in 1 hour of practice. At the end of a long day or a long week, its sometimes hard to drag myself on public transit, even if I really want to practice.

So this is what I'm considering: taking out my couch and putting a pool table in the corner. Yes, in the corner. Think about it....there are an awful lot of drills you can do with only two sides. I kind of like the idea of it not being a fully functional table. I'm thinking the limited access will make me want to do drills rather than just hit balls around.

The deal would be to do it for one year, and then sell the table (unless I really loved the set up). At the same time, I'd give up cable for the year (which is just a waste of money) to help pay for the table in case I can't find something cheap on Craigslist.

So here's the part I'm unsure does kind of mean that I'm devoting a large part of my everyday living space to pool. I'm fortunate to live in a 1-bedroom, so I would effectively start living in a studio with a pool training room, almost completely taken up by a pool table. (i.e. you can't flop down on the green felt at the end of a long day to relax and watch House. It would take up a lot of my space.)

Is this crazy?

Or given the amount of mental space that pool already takes up, does it make perfect sense?

Is there anyway to know unless I try?

Well, the tape measure is out and I'm working on the redesign of my apartment. Not sure I will actually go through with it, but stay tuned.


Gary Frerking said...

Wow, interesting thought :)

Make sure you think a few things through... like... I'm thinking getting the balls out of the far side pocket of a drop pocket table would suck... so you'd want some sort of return mechanism table (or at least a jerry-rigged return mech for the far side, which is do-able). *I* think it'd be an overall win for ya. Heck yeah you could grab a few pillows and crash on the table! :) Good luck!

Anonymous said...

If you're that into pool then do it. Most people are pratically giving tables away on craigslist so the cost would be minimal.

p00lriah. said...

i play on tables with a ball return system often. many times a ball will get stuck on the return track & i'll have to reach underneath the table to clear the ball. it may be a good idea to leave some space around all sides of the table if you get a table with ball return.

omgwtf said...

Do it. I would, except that my studio is the size of a jail cell.

poolminnow said...

Thanks all for the comments. I'm leaning toward "yes" at this point, although I can't decide if I really have room to squeeze in a 9-footer.

@Gary & pOOlriah - those are helpful comments about the ball return. Again, not sure what to do. I think I could leave enough room around the third side for drop pockets or ball return declogging. I think drop pockets can be a little quieter, too. But ball return is so much more convenient for drills....its kind of a toss up.

@omgwtf-Still, I bet you thought about it, didn't you?

p00lriah. said...

i've heard some pretty quiet ball returns. if you can ask a good table mechanic about ways to set things up it maybe help with your table/pocet selection. ernesto d is probably a good person to ask, or his son oscar. research before retail!

to omg--get a table. who needs a bed anyway? just put a sleeping bag under the table & you're set. sleeping under the table will also connect you spiritually to all the pool greats who had to do the same. :D

omgwtf said...

Actually, I had a cheap loft bed from IKEA that I tried to fit in there with a bar table. Would have worked but landlord renovated apt last year and now I can no longer fit the table in there.

But, yes. I think about getting my own table more than I think about food.

I'm actually considering moving into a slightly larger unit that could fit a table. The money I would save on table time would go to the increase in rent.

p00lriah. said...

to omg - get a 9-foot. it'll accommodate larger-size mattresses. who needs a bed frame anyway? :P

on a more serious note, those table covers with foam sections can turn a pool table into a makeshift work/dining table. the trick is to not clutter it so you can quickly uncover the table when you want to play.

redeeming myself said...

We got lucky enough to move into a place with room for an 8 foot. (we bought it off craigslist, and its a GREAT table). Its in the main living room and we converted a bedroom into the 'tv' room. Which btw, is more just for movies, we don't have cable!

We use it EVERYDAY! And just fyi - playing in your pajamas is the BEST ;)

Michael Reddick said...

HOLY CRAP! I can't believe this post! ;-) I came within a fraction of an inch of actually doing this about a year ago! I measured my loft and figured out I could fit a Brunswick Gold Crown III into the corner of the main living area. I would only be able to play on 2 sides, but who cares? I could still practice my stroke and certain position routes. Of course, the sofa, 50 inch TV, and kitchen table would have to go, but that not too bad. Alas, I didn't do it, but man, what a great idea!