Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Was I really that bad?

After making a big deal of becoming "league-free," I have to fess up: I'm on a team again. It was kind of a misunderstanding, but its a BCA team playing 8-ball on big tables, so its still a change of pace. When it happened, I decided to run with it. These things happen for a reason, right?

Anyway, last night was my first night playing for this team. I don't know anyone on my team or the opposing team team. I only know a handful of people in the league. We were playing one of the better teams in the league.

I know its best not to think this way, but I couldn't help wanting to show my new teammates I can play at least a little. Not an easy task, because for whatever reason, I've been feeling awkward and impatient at the table lately, especially playing 8-ball.

I lost the first game, although the first inning was not a complete embarrassment. Besides, I'm just warming up, right?

Then, in the middle of my second game, my opponent from my first match calls a time-out on me to let me know that I am playing so badly that he assumes I have never played real 8-ball before: "Pool Minnow, this is 8-ball. You know you don't always have to go for a shot. 8-ball is like chess. You must try to use strategy."

This was ironic, because I was actually going for a two way shot, with the hope I would get a good leave and block a pocket if I missed. I had called the pocket, just in case. My shot wasn't a great shot, but it was the best one that my tired-self could see in that moment. He pointed out a much better shot that was both more strategically advantageous and easier to execute. But, since he was on the other team, and wasn't supposed to be coaching me anyway, I felt I should stick to my original plan.

I went for the shot...
missed by a diamond and a half...
didn't block the pocket...
and scratched.

Wow. I showed him!

And that was pretty much the highpoint of my evening.

Oh well, I guess there's nowhere to go but up!


p00lriah. said...

who cares. if playing on that team makes you happy, go for it. i mean, pool is supposed to be a happy event, right? no need to trap yourself in a box.

have fun on the new team!

poolminnow said...

@p00lriah, I'm a little confused by your comment. I'm perfectly content with having joined the team and how the evening went. Just using my blog to remember a night where I played exceptionally bad pool!

If pool was always a happy event it wouldn't be nearly as rewarding or interesting.

p00lriah. said...

just commenting on the first couple of sentences of this post. sorry if i caused any confusion.

as far as pool being a happy event, i guess i come from the point of view that anytime i can play is a happy event. there are people that want to play but can't, and there are players that are no longer with us but probably wish otherwise (the latest being ginky). when i get on the table, i'm reminded of what a lucky bastard i am to be able to get my sticks out and hit some balls. so for me, playing pool itself is an occasion no matter how i play.

not trying to go all relativistic on you; it's just how i feel. :)

poolminnow said...

You've clearly never played pool under the influence of PMS ;-)

p00lriah. said...

*spits out delicious indonesian coffee through mouth & nostril*

good point.

omgwtf said...

my all-girls team and I were *just* discussing the effect of PMS on women's games

the men get a handicap once a month and don't even know it

the bastards

fun hut said...

no way ... u werent ,always do what u feel like doing