Sunday, August 23, 2009

Eternal Sunshine of the Paris Slot Machines

Well, the upside of losing, is that I get a day off. Fortunately, I don't have to spend it with my doubles partner.

I do have another tournament to prepare for. And although I feel good about how I played, I really do, At the same time, on some level, I'm kind of unnerved by my partner's reactions. I called up a friend who coaches collegiate basketball and has done a lot of mental training. And while he agreed, it was no fun, he was pretty clear, that no matter what my partner said or reacted, it should have NO impact on my confidence in my ability. None.

"As lame as this sounds, that's why they call it SELF-confidence. So, your partner had some blips in his mental game. His mental game and your mental game are different, especially now that you aren't playing doubles anymore. Whatever boost you were getting from his support in the past, you've just got to find it within yourself now. In the long run, its probably a good thing. No more crutches. "

"Thanks, that just the wise, if slightly irritating, kind of advice I suppose I need."

"Either that, or just eat, drink and gamble yourself into a stupor. It may not help your pool game, but it could be fun."

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