Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The good ol' days

I spent a little time tonight reading through some of my older blog posts (can't believe I started 4 years ago. Where does the time go?) One thing that really struck me was how proud I was when ever I had a three-ball out. (It was kind of my measure for success at the time).

It made me a little nostalgic for those early beginning days. I had to work hard for those three ball outs, and sometimes I still do. The difference is, now, if I fail, I'm much harder on myself. And even if I succeed, there's just not the same pay-off, because I'm supposed to get out. Successful execution is probably more of a relief than anything.

Can you think back and remember how satisfying it was to get any ball in the pocket the first time you picked up a cue stick? nothing like it..

I'm not exactly sure what my point is here....whether its to appreciate the little things (i.e. successful shots no matter how basic), and approach the world with the proverbial beginner's mind, or if its just to observe that the further up the hill you get, sometimes the steeper the climb. I do miss those little 3-ball victories.


p00lriah. said...

"And even if I succeed, there's just not the same pay-off . . ."

the first high is the best high. just like crack cocaine. :D

Gary Frerking said...

Pleasures of Small Motions :)

Michael Reddick said...

This is a great reminder for all of us. We work hard and push ourselves to improve, but occassionally we should stop, review, and celebrate our achievements. Another way to relive those "3 ball victories"? Help another player improve and celebrate with him/her when they have a 3 ball victory!