Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mentally Tough? or Mentally Mushy?

Hmm....well the thought for the day was interesting. I played last and was tired, and for my first two games I stayed connected to empowering emotions. Even though my oponent was far ahead of me on the table. I was just patient. Took my time. Played smart and waited for a good opportunity. And then I was on the hill before I knew it.

And that's what did me in. I continued to play pretty good pool (for me). I'm really happy with how much my position play is improving. I can actually plan and execute patterns and that's a lot of fun. But, I think that, and being on the hill, I got a little complacent. Feeling a little too empowered....and a little mentally mushy I guess. I see this all the time and it drives me nuts in other people--good players, playing well, start taking shots for granted. When I'm competing, I have to remember, every shot can count. I don't always take the time to line up and truly aim an easy shot. I should. I should stay focused. Especially if Im on the hill. Put the nail in the coffin. Be done with it. No MERCY!

But I had fun. I will take my little lesson and be ready the next time.

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