Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Antihistamine is the new adrendaline

So, league is back in full swing, and just in time, I came down with the nasty cold bug that has been going around. Why is it that miserable, coughy, hacking, phlegmy, virus-spreading people insist on going to work? 90% of the work in my business can be done by telecommuting and surely the healthy ones would be willing to help out with the other 10% to avoid being infected with nasty cold virus (especially those who have important things to do, like play pool). As a public service, I'd like to do what I can to encourage people to STAY HOME. And don't quote me that old wive's tale about your only contagious before you have symptoms. STFW! If you have symptoms, especially if you are coughing, you are contagious. You are most contagious the first 2-4 days when you feel your crappiest, so please, stay in bed, for god's sake and everyone else's. Thank you.

Fortunately, I followed my own advice, and I recovered enough, that I was able to go to league. Although, I did bring a thermos of hot honey & lemon (which at some moments made me feel quite cool, and at other moments like a complete dork, but it felt great on my throat).

Tonight continued the observation of the dynamics of lower level APA playing. Following on the idea that this is a competition to see who sucks less, and that games are decided by mistakes rather than by successful shotmaking, I continued to pursue the "Don't scratch, miss easy shots, or open up the 8" strategy. Tonight, my opponent was a 3 who was a good shot, but again, he didn't plan ahead. Both games were determined by a scratch. My opponent gave me ball-in-hand when I was on the 8 in the first game, and scratched on the 8 in the second...Wow, could winning be this simple? How discouraging.

While I feel that my defensive play did have something to do with the outcome, its not the most thrilling of wins. But is interesting that the theory does seem to be playing out...Let's see who will be the first 2 or 3 to actually win a match.

For the next time, in addition to my 3-part strategy, I need to add being really relaxed & focused on each and every shot. Its quite common for me to let up a bit after winning the first game. Partially because I'm relieved that I'm not the biggest loser on the planet, at least I won a game, and partially because alcohol consumption during the first game tips me over the point of optimum inebriation. And then there's no turning back.

I don't think there is much mental preparation I can do to help me focus while under the influence....that would be like self-hypnosis tapes for improving your drunk driving or something....just got to cut back on the drinking while shooting. (Maybe)

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