Thursday, March 6, 2008

Let the games begin

I'm having a great time playing on my new Wednesday team. The division is much more competitive and its fulfilling my need for some more hard core pool that I whined about in my blog last fall. And, it has offered the opportunity for a rematch from my David & Goliath win in the Top Shooter Tournament (See Karma is a Bitch and Saturday she was my patron saint). Good times!

The match yesterday confirmed the need for a new word to be added to the English language: lagorrhea. From the greek-rooted word LOGOrrhea, which means an excessive flow of words. LAGorrhea means an excessive flow of words while lagging. Had this been and isolated incident at the tournament last month, a new word would be indulgent and uncalled for. Fortunately, this behavior repeated itself, and hence I feel the justification of an entirely new word. You may recall that last time, just as we were lagging, my opponent decided to ask me if I was feeling tired. Yesterday, as we were lagging, he was really rambling on, and then just as I was taking my warm up strokes asked me if I had been nervous at the Top Shooter tournament. To which I replied "Nah, I was just having fun." So, either he is reading this blog, and is just taking the piss (which I would actually admire) or this is some standard strategy he uses.

I lost the lag, but not by much. I proceeded to chase him on every game shooting on the 8 or close each time. Played some good safes and generally was shooting well-enough to make him sweat. I slopped the 8 in once to get on the hill. In the case game, he dogs his next to last shot, and leaves me an easy 8, which I then dog! Ha! I lost in the end, but it was a fun match. He knows that my beating him in the tournament wasn't entirely an accident.

There were more shenanigans in addition to the lagorrhea that I won't go into, but they are so absurd, I just think they're funny. I believe they are attempts at sharking, but they're really more like....clowning. Clowning (n): a feeble, laughable attempt at sharking that some may find irritating, but in general will provide entertainment for opponents and spectators. Keep it up big boy, you're very good at what you do.

All snarkiness aside:
There was one more incident of note last night. I was shooting at one of my balls that was frozen to the eight. I was trying to shoot straight into my ball with extreme right to throw the ball and get a good hit. I miscued badly and my cue deflected quite a bit to the side. Someone from the other team who was apparently asked to watch the hit, called a foul, saying I had hit a stripe first--which was completely bizarre, because there wasn't a stripe even near the the balls I was aiming at. At first I couldn't even make a case for not hitting a stripe, because the stripe had moved, but I couldn't imagine a scenario for where I could have even hit the ball. The cue ball would have had to masse backwards and then caromed off several balls and a cushion to end up in its final position. (Maybe he had been watching this guy.)

I finally realized I must have knocked it with my stick. Then he asked, "Well, did your ball hit a rail" which I believe it did. As the shot watcher, he must have been so concerned with the stripe he hadn't followed my ball. Anyway, to my opponent's credit, he deferred to the shooter (me), as I had done in the tournament, thus ending the twilight zone moment. His sportsmanship in this matter was appreciated.

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