Monday, March 17, 2008

Three, Four, whatever.....

I know that I've written in the past how I try not to put a lot of stock in my APA handicap, but still, just thought I should mention that I went up to a 4 this week.

I try to win every game, no matter what the race is, or who I'm playing, so it shouldn't matter whether I'm a 3 or 4. (Although I'm sure my captains feel differently). I'm looking forward to the challenge and hope that I can maintain the rating. I will now have to win a minimum of three games, so I should, in theory, get to play more pool--and that's a good thing. (Unless I'm playing one of those sandbagging 2's or 3's,the lowly bastards,or my captains decide that a newbie 4 is less desirable to play than a strong 3).

Anyway, it is kind of nice to see a new number next to my name on the roster.


adhesive remover said...

skill level ain't nothin' but a number... but it's still neat to go up a level... congrats :-)

Joe Munch (labikercowboy) said...

Going up level means you are improving, which is a good thing. Unless its 2 weeks before you go to Vegas, like my teammate for Southwest

FastMikie said...

Big ups, Min...

I was a Four, once upon a time.
And in the fullness of time I was elevated to the mountaintop as a Seven (in 8-ball), and it was Good.

You can do it too. You just gotta put in the time, hit a bunch of balls and pay attention.

See you at the top!