Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nothing wrong with first place loser, right?

Grrrr. Not much to say this week except both my teams went down in the finals this week. First night, I played like a hero to make it hill-hill, but our line-up just didn't have enough strength left to close it out against the other team's anchor. The next night, I was the one who let it slip away. First couple of games, I couldn't make a ball, but then I came back shooting strong, got to the hill, and hit my 8-ball too hard and to thin and watched it bank into the wrong pocket. What a way to go.....sorry, guys. A very inconvenient time to learn a valuable lesson.

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Anonymous said...

this is actually exactly how my match (to lose playoffs for my team) went down


best thing about pool is... ever new game / new match /new tournament / new season is a new chance

crush 'em in the next one ;-)