Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Long time, no update

Its been quite awhile since I updated. I've been having some difficulty with my home internet connection again, and work has been too demanding to sneak in blogging time on the job.

I'll get into some details later, hopefully this weekend, but I'm feeling really good about the new perspective. My game has been up and down...but mostly because so has my life. But when I'm both motivated and have relatively few distractions from my personal and professional life, I've played well. Not playing like I know I "can", but more like I think I "should." In other words, I haven't been finding the elusive zone, and playing as if handed a magic cue from above. That does happen every now and then. Its great, but it can also ruin my appreciation for those days when I only play "good."

So, I've been playing "good." And really, right now, that's all I want.

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