Saturday, June 23, 2007

Back in the Blog

Well, clearly my pool blogging efforts fell by the wayside. I have been focusing on trying to have balance in my life, and sometimes pool gets just a little too much attention. I have also wondered whether the blog helps or hurts. If it is a reflective practice that enhances my learning and enjoyment, or whether its just one more thing to do and causes me to over analyze.

After having taken this long break, I've decided that its helpful. Over the last few weeks, I've developed some bad habits. I felt like I was doing too many drills and shooting enough balls, and now I've gone the other direction. When I practice, I mostly just throw some balls on the table and shoot at them. That may have been good once or twice, but I've definitely noticed my fundamentals slipping. And the running balls hasn't had the effect of helping me be more consistent in the pre-shot routine. Anyway, I think coming back and reflecting on my practice sessions or games helps me really focus on my goals, rather than just killing time.

So here I am again.

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