Friday, June 29, 2007

Dearest cue.....

So while OMGWTF continues her 100 Days of Pool, I am ready for yet another pool fast. And I mean it this time!

Dearest Cue,

Forgive me. I know we've been spending lots of time together. Been through a lot. Our first, less than stellar, appearance in a Sudden Death match at the regional team tournament. Our first in the money finish in a singles tournament....and then a whole lot of one-on-one practice time, and the ocassional bar game, when you happen to be with me when I go for a beer.

Its been great....but I just feel that things are getting a little stale. I'm not willing to say the passion is gone. I know its not. But for awhile I think its time for you to be a buddha in the corner of my room and for me to spend some time with other interests. So, I'm taking a break. When I come back, I will have a new apartment, a new schedule, and a new attitude. So be ready. It will be time to dance.

Your one and only,
Pool Minnow

Dearest Blog,

Now that cue and I are taking some time off....I think its time we mix things up as well. Please be ready to hear about my other obsessions without being jealous for my dear, lonely cue. Stay tuned.


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