Saturday, July 21, 2007

Losing streaks

So, from a mental toughness perspective, its probably wrong to even utter those two words. But, I can't deny that those words have floated around in my head. My record in 8-ball is 0-4. I have yet to win a match for my new team. I'm sure that my performance has been affected by what's going on inside my head....pressure to perform and then just general anxiety that I've been facing at work, apartment hunting and you know, life.

So, I should probably redub my losing streak, as a "learning streak." Afterall, when you come right down to it, I'm not a pro, I'm not a pro in training. Really, I'm a hack. But I love pool, and I love learning. I have to get back into it. Into the process. Into the moment of what I'm doing and not really worry about the winning and losing so much.

But winning is fun and to lose too often can be discouraging. (Although, not shooting well and making stupid mistakes is actually much, much worse.)

So here is my question for the day, can I still be completely in love with the art of pool if I were to never win again?

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