Sunday, July 1, 2007

Vinho Verde

So, I forgot to mention that in addition to my desire to take a break from pool, I am trying to drink less. Playing pool has definitely increased my alchohol consumption. I drop into my local bar for one game and one beer....and then I lose and want to play just one more....someone buys me a drink and before I know it 700 calories and half a liver later, my intended moderation is a laughable and distant non-memory.

But, one of my many non-pool activities that I will be resuming is cooking. And, well, cooking drives my wine I guess there's a devil around every corner.

I have to say that I don't often visit my ultra-gourmet neighborhood mart. Mostly I'm a Trader Joe's kind of gal. But everytime I buy a wine from this place--especially if I buy it from the promotional area close to the register--its pretty damn superb. I had a Malbec last week that was so rich, velvety and fruity, my companion and I could not stop drinking it, in spite of the fact that we both had early mornings the next day and should have known better.

So, I stopped in for another bottle, but I was really in the mood for a white, and I was drawn in by the Encostas Do Lima "Vinho Verde" from Portugal. The sign warned that this was "eminently drinkable." And they were right. Yum.I've been drinking it at room temperature, and its still delightful. Light effervescence, medium dry. Lots of green apple. Reminds me of Dry Reisling and Gewurtz. Its the wine version of Magner's Cider (which I prefer to beer).

Enough writing, I need to return to the kitchen because my glass is empty.