Saturday, July 21, 2007

Over so fast

So, there was no official ending to my fast. I definitely felt that I successfully broke my pool habit, and came to a point where I wanted to play again. But, it is a slippery slope and I need to make sure that I am spending quality time at the pool table and not simply killing time. Killing time sucks life out of my game, and game out of my life...uh or something like that. You know what I mean.

Stats this week:
Squeaker in 9-ball. Lost to a 5 by 2 points
8-ball heartbreaker. Went hill-hill with a five. I played some good strategy but was disappointed in my shotmaking.
Practice: 3 Lunch time sessions. Mostly just hitting balls. Intermittently trying to focus on my pre-shot routine.

Stats last week:
Won a squeker in 9-ball. Won by 2 points against a 5.
8-ball: didn't play. went to a movie instead.
Practice: Didn't keep track.

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