Friday, November 30, 2007

A minnow never sleeps

You know that sharks never stop moving even when they sleep? They have to keep a constant flow of water through their gills to stay alive. But they do sleep. I feel like I know people who must know how to do this. In the meantime, just a little minnow, I feel like I'm doing the opposite. I stop moving, but never actually get any rest. This, apparently, makes me tired.

I won my league match this week. I played okay. But, I never got in the groove. Again. I was a little disappointed. I know that its normal for competition performance to lag behind practice, but some days, it just feels like its an unreasonable difference. Plus, I know that I can play better in competition.

I know I shouldn't be so hard on myself. The winning ball was a bank, that looked impressive, elicited several compliments, but I couldn't own it. It just felt like luck. The 8 was frozen to one of my opponent's balls. It had only one pocket. A table-length bank. Fortunately, it was a dead bank. When I hit it, the angle looked wrong, and I was sure I had missed, but it went in dead center pocket. Maybe its because I hit it with a little draw to stop the cue ball frozen (because I didn't think it was a high percentage shot and was worried about the leave). Maybe my "inner pool player" took over, and instinctively knew the right way to hit it, but left my analytical brain in the dark. I tried the same shot in practice tonight, and came very, very close to making it, so maybe it wasn't just luck. Dunno.

It makes me sad that I can't really enjoy that success. So, I'm going to just chalk it up to being tired, for now. And go to bed.


Anonymous said...
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adhesive remover said...

It is your inner pool player making a good choice. :-) Even if it was luck, it was a great shot. Enjoy it.

poolminnow said...

Yeah. You're right. Luck is a good thing.