Monday, November 26, 2007

Week 1: Pre-shot and shot routine

Today is monday, the beginning of my implementation of the Best Laid and Laughable Plan. I have yet to map out my full schedule, but I know that for this week and probably next week I'm going to be working on my Pre-Shot routine and separating my thinking from my actual shooting.

My first attempt to implement my new practice regimen was on Thursday, after Thanksgiving dinner. Apparently, lonely pool players need to seek company on holidays and so my attempt to practice solo was less than successful. First I was approached by a college student/beginner who said "They say the best way to get better is to play other people." Yes, "they" say a lot of things, but I'm not sure anyone said that the best way for me to get better is to play you. So, I said that I really wanted to do some drills, but we could play 2 out 3. I won all three games (yes, I played the third one) and then he took off.

Then I was getting down to working on the safety drill I had selected and I was approached by an older guy who said that he could tell from across the room, that I had "played some pool." He proceeded to kick my butt. After a few games, I said, "You're kicking my butt, and unfortunately, that's not very good practice for me unless I enter a racking tournament." He convinced me to play two more games and then I insisted on doing some drills. And while he was a nice guy, he talked a lot in between shots, which meant neither of us was getting in a lot of pool.

I probably spent (and paid for) 3 hours playing pool, but only got in maybe 20-30 minutes of actual practice time. I'm wondering if I should incorporate being less friendly into my pre-shot routine, at least for the next few months.

Today I managed to squeeze in some Pre-shot routine practice at lunch. Its kind of embarrassing, but I think I may have to start talking to myself as I go through the steps. I successfully go through the routine, ususally with good results on the shot and position, and then I start missing and I realize that I've jettisoned the very things that were working for me.
Being human is probably more interesting than being a robot, but it is not better for certain aspects of pool. But since, robot isn't an option, I'll have to imitate a crazy person. Or maybe I should get a blue tooth head set, so people will think I'm just on the phone. Nah, I think appearing to be insane is better....

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